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A tool for digital literacy and ecological thinking. The evaluation of environmental data using sound and images.

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What is fractaL?

The Colors of

The Shape of

The Sound of
Climate Change


The fractaL didactic approach promotes the reflection and discussion about ecological and environmental issues in the context of society and technology.


Openness and freedom are very important in fractaL. They assure the use, study, learn and adapt and development. From the fractaL's code to its integration with open hardware.


A powerful and didactic computing language. The environmental data in images and sounds. FractaL enable the complementary aspect of technology and art.


Access, representation and meaning of science on daily life. The multitude of dimensions in the participatory process of society in doing science.

Digital Literacy

Data representation is just the starting point for learning. Our workshops are thought to transmit strong skills on programming language and ecology.

fractaL in basic steps


Industries and air pollution, buildings and temperature, monoculture and biodiversity. What is the impact of human activities on the environment? Many questions follow the social concerns from the daily and local awareness of environmental problems.

Environmental Data

With fractaL you can access information from open database or monitoring systems and guides the collaborative process of organizing the information to the following steps.

Code and Creative Process

The actual work on data. The exploratory analysis to test their characteristics, how they look like. With fractaL's features it is possible to explore deeply the dataset through sonification and visualization.

The Output

An artistic exhibition, an interactive game, an ecological installation or a scientific article. The output of the work can take different and varied forms defined throughout the research process.

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Test fractaL accessing the code. We also offer workshops and courses to show how to use the potentialities of fractaL!


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Built up with an interdisciplinary approach. Gathering together multiple realities with the exciting dialogue between science, technology, art and learning.